BeautifulBones.pngGrimReaper Terminations Inc.

Death awoke to the most stupendous hangover he’d had in years. He felt like someone had just planted a scythe in his brain. 

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Genre: Humour, Fantasy

Length: 3107 words



Sunavigatingnew-yorkspect Mind

A husband tries to track down his wife’s abductor. A task which is made considerable more difficult by a memory disorder, sustained in an accident six months previous.

Genre: Thriller, Mystery

Length: 2147 words




If you’re not a Celebrity, you’re a Nobody. Harry Smith is summoned to ‘The Centre’ for a personality adjustment.

Genre: Humour, Satire                

Length: 934 words



 beastThe Beast of Kawaldi 

 Kawaldi – a remote and barren Atlantic island. But is it is as  lifeless as it first appears?

 Genre: Horror              

 Length: 4177 words



thefreshcorpseThe Freshcorpse

A tale of neocarcasses, widowbaggers and demon cats. Death is a hell of a lot more peculiar than  you’d expect.

Genre: Humour            

Length: 3594 words



thefreshcorpse-1The Consantabulary Call

An alternative Christmas story. The much feared Xmas police, the Consantabulary, are not to be trifled with.

Genre: Humour                

Length: 939 words 


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