Hey Storyman! Where’s the stories?

So, I haven't posted any stories for a while and, as I notice that some incredibly lovely people continue to drop by (and if you're reading this, that includes you), I thought I owed you all an apology and some flimsy attempts at excuses. The Apology Sorry. The Excuses Ok, so I have definitely been … Continue reading Hey Storyman! Where’s the stories?


The Consantabulary Call – An Alternative Christmas Story

"Ho! Ho! Ho!" the menacing voice growled again, each Ho! punctuated with a forceful bang against my door. My mind raced. I mentally ran through my checklist. My tree was up, a regulation six-footer, and had been decorated in sanctioned golds, reds and silvers well before the December 12th deadline. I had sent cards to colleagues I … Continue reading The Consantabulary Call – An Alternative Christmas Story