The Traveller

"Sprungleslurp," said Wendelgrunt warmly. "Baaaa," said the sheep. Wendelgrunt shook his head and twisted the small bluish disk on his left wrist. "Zarkfondle," he said with just as much warmth. A warm tone of voice was important in his line of work. "Baaaa," said the sheep. "Nope, not that one either," he said to himself … Continue reading The Traveller


Grand Theft Vowel

Jane was never at her most observant in those first few seconds after waking, even so she had a definite inkling that something was wrong. The half read book which had sat half read on her bedside table for almost six months bore the title "James Joyce - Lysses" and she was almost certain that Marilynne Robinson hadn't … Continue reading Grand Theft Vowel

The Consantabulary Call – An Alternative Christmas Story

"Ho! Ho! Ho!" the menacing voice growled again, each Ho! punctuated with a forceful bang against my door. My mind raced. I mentally ran through my checklist. My tree was up, a regulation six-footer, and had been decorated in sanctioned golds, reds and silvers well before the December 12th deadline. I had sent cards to colleagues I … Continue reading The Consantabulary Call – An Alternative Christmas Story