An Ode to Procrastination

I'm a budding writer, I write almost every day, Unless I get distracted or my muse goes away, I'm writing my first novel, it's gonna be really good, A number one best seller, optioned by Hollywood, It's got mystery and intrigue, characters you'll adore, It's got stirring scenes with thrilling themes and imagery galore, I … Continue reading An Ode to Procrastination


The Traveller

"Sprungleslurp," said Wendelgrunt warmly. "Baaaa," said the sheep. Wendelgrunt shook his head and twisted the small bluish disk on his left wrist. "Zarkfondle," he said with just as much warmth. A warm tone of voice was important in his line of work. "Baaaa," said the sheep. "Nope, not that one either," he said to himself … Continue reading The Traveller