Hey Storyman! Where’s the stories?

So, I haven’t posted any stories for a while and, as I notice that some incredibly lovely people continue to drop by (and if you’re reading this, that includes you), I thought I owed you all an apology and some flimsy attempts at excuses.

The Apology


The Excuses

Ok, so I have definitely been a bit lazy with my writing lately but I do have a few things to say in my defence.

Firstly, I’m getting married in August – I know, I can’t believe she’ll have me either – and August has rather sneakily become very close all of a sudden.

Secondly, my school have reiterated their position that they’ll only pay me if I turn up to work and that they don’t consider ‘but I’ve got a really good idea for a short story’ as a valid reason for a personal day.

And thirdly, I’ve been spending most of my writing time on my first novel – (actually I’ve already written a couple of things of novel length but as they were unreadable bilge I don’t think they count).

I did actually start writing a short story a couple of days ago but it got a bit out of hand. It is already far too long to be called short and doesn’t seem anywhere near a conclusion – blast these undisciplined stories and their refusal to go where you tell them to. I might put it up in parts when its done although I’m not sure the blog format really lends itself to longer pieces. Otherwise, I promise to write something new shortly. Honestly.

Thank you again for dropping by. It really is very much appreciated.





5 thoughts on “Hey Storyman! Where’s the stories?

  1. hehehe even your apology made me laugh! But you really don’t have to apologise! I really love your stories, but I can patiently wait until the next one! Your work does sound really unreasonable though- I mean fancy not letting you have time off to write stories?! 😉

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